Identify goals, know failure

Written by Blake KoehnSeptember 13, 2021
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Willful blindness: You could’ve known but you chose not too.

“People won’t specify their goals because they don’t like to specify conditions for failure. If you keep yourself vague and foggy you don’t know when you fail. People don’t want to know when they fail because it’s painful so they’ll keep themselves blind about when they fail. That’s fine except you will fail all the time then, you just won’t know it until you’ve failed so badly that you’re done.” - Jordan Peterson

   Failure is an inevitable byproduct of goal pursuit. A likely indicator of success is one's ability to bounce back from failure. Whether this period takes weeks, months or years, the efficiency at which you learn from your mistakes, commit to disciplined action and move forward is more important the amount of time it takes.

   The natural tendency is to avoid or justify your mistakes. This is a guaranteed way to repeat the same mistake in the future. Complex issues may have more complex solutions requiring more time. Various stress reduction strategies can help avoid collateral damage and compounding your failures. No timeline is too long provided it was the required amount of time to move forward


Write down your goals.
Become more efficient at learning from your mistakes. 
Continue toward your goal.


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