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Written by Blake KoehnMay 14, 2020
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   Epigenetics: The study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself.

    Over the past year or more, I’ve found myself really diving into learning more about the power of belief. It seems obvious that believing in yourself and your ability to have success in whichever area of life you choose is beneficial. But is there something more going on?
My journey into learning more started, like most, with reading books like The Secret, Having It All, Three Feet From Gold, etc….. all based around creating a positive internal state. Does being positive simply create more positive relationships and opportunities?
   Are positive mental states, self belief and imagery tools playing on the foundation of epigenetics? It's suggested that positive emotions and mental manifestations creat a real genetic expression to favor that outcome. By thinking positively and using mental imagery tools, a positive outcome is more likely. To increase the effectiveness, you can include sensations (taste, smell etc) and timeline (future events) changes into your imagery.
   The placebo effect is accounted for in all studies and some estimate that it accounts for 30-80% of all successful results. On the contrary, the nocebo effect is when negative thoughts, emotions or beliefs toward future outcomes create the undesired result. If you're like me you are probably thinking "that seems like a pretty subjective variable." Regardless, a correlation between epigenetics and the more commonly known "placebo effect" may be closely linked.

   Today’s Monday Motivator is to encourage you to align your thoughts and emotions with the outcome you are wanting and working to make a reality. If you are more interested in this topic, I encourage you to explore the field of epigenetics. You may find that some of those cliche books actually have a bit of scientific foundation.



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