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Written by Blake KoehnNovember 5, 2019
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We have all gone through periods of being highly motivated to accomplish our goals. During that period of time you’ve probably notice great improvements and progress, but it may or may not have lasted. Just like new years resolutions almost always fade over time, our goals can also slip away. Motivation is a great tool, one that anyone needs to accomplish things, but can be a limiting factor if that is all you rely on.

Motivation will come and go…sometimes you’re extremely motivated and get a lot done, and other times you’re feeling less motivated and give yourself a break or rest. In order to consistently improve and make continually progress, whether in health and fitness, lifestyle changes or anything important to you, you must be DISCIPLINED. It is the daily discipline and habit of putting in the work, REGARDLESS of your motivation level on that day. Discipline is what keeps you going always, while motivation is a less reliable source of energy. Make it a habit, a routine, a constant mindset that you are going to do what needs to be done to better yourself and your health. When motivation is lacking, discipline is constant.

“Teach them the value of discipline over motivation. And the broad benefits of fitness through all of life.”- Jocko Willink


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