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Written by Blake KoehnOctober 21, 2019
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The feeling of losing control is often fabricated in one’s mind before any real loss of control, progress or success actually takes place. By focusing on those outside stimulus, anxiety and doubt begin to take over and can often lead to other negative emotions all originating from a thought based on an outside source. By defining what is within your “area of control” and what is outside your “area of control” you can refocus your efforts on what can and should be done.

During the process of becoming and creating what you wish to, failures, detours and setbacks are inevitable. Everyone loves to think, “this is how I would have handled that situation” or “the wrong decision was made here” and so on but often times those with the most elaborate, full-proof theories will likely never have to test those theories to know if they would stand true in the face of real adversity. Learning happens in real time and each journey is more nuanced than can be anticipated.

This week’s Monday Motivator is a reminder to give attention to the things that matter, and take a healthy mindset toward the things that do not. This can be done without directed negativity by simply not spending time or seeking unnecessary outside approval to validate your efforts.

Those on a similar path toward their goals will understand the complexity of pursuing your goals. Those not going down that path may very well be the ones with the loudest opinions. 


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