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Written by Blake KoehnOctober 14, 2019
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How often do you begin something with an end date in mind?

Get in shape by….. prepare for this competition on…. finish before the upcoming deadline…..

At times a deadline or timeline is a necessary part of completing a task and keeps you on track. But how many timelines have you placed on your health and wellness goals that have only become unnecessary self-imposed stressors? Setting both short and long terms goals is an effective way to stay the course and continue to adjust and adapt, but often times a timeline is an illusionary date that we agree is the accepted amount of time we are willing to spend on a goal. This can lead to anxiety and worry about being able to reach this goal, only to meet an arbitrary completion date.

Rather than agree a on a predetermined amount of time your going to spend on your goals (lose weight, increase body competition, rehab an injury, or any mental/emotional goals) try setting open-ended short and long term goals without a finish line. This can create less stress, more enjoyment of the process and an overall positive experience to what may have otherwise been an additional stressor.

The only date that should matter is the start date, and that can be right now.


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