Monday Motivator

Written by Blake KoehnSeptember 10, 2019
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   Falling off track can lead to a downward spiral and it can seem impossible to get back to where you once were. Often times in health and fitness it isn’t until something major happens…an injury, trying on clothes that use to fit, performing an athletic event that you use to be able to do but can no longer, or a doctor’s advice that you must make a lifestyle change.. that inspires you to once again make a change.
   In order to get back on track you have to accept where you are starting from and set goals to where you want to be. It is a process, but one well worth the time and consistent effort. As sure as you have been there before, you can get there and even further once again. Be inspired by choosing to make healthy changes in your life and work toward your goals each and every day. Don’t be discouraged by falling off track, let the momentum of each positive choice carry over into all aspects of your life to become the best version of yourself


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