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Written by Blake KoehnAugust 13, 2019
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John “Jocko” Willink is a retired United States Navy SEAL, who received the Silver Star and Bronze Star for his actions in the Iraq War. Willink was commander of SEAL Team Three’s Task Unit Bruiser during the Battle of Ramadi. Today, Jocko has his own podcast where he offers motivation in the forms of his prior experiences, day-to-day life, and health and fitness regime among other things.

His infamous instagram posts often show him taking a picture of his watch reading somewhere around the time of 4:30 am each morning. Among his more common sayings, one that reigns supreme to me is “Discipline is freedom.” Jocko’s daily discipline in all aspects of his life can serve as an example for everyone regardless of their age, career or position in life. What will you do today that will make a difference tomorrow?

“Discipline Is Freedom” – Jocko Willink


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