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Written by Blake KoehnJanuary 28, 2019
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Changes are often be hardest at the beginning. Getting back in shape, losing weight,
The balancing act has been for me, and I’m sure for others, a difficult task to manage. On one side you have your daily tasks, short and long term goals, and projections for your future you’d like to accomplish. On the other side you have the present moment, enjoying the process and the uncertainty that comes with anything in life.

As with most anything, it is the perception and mindset that allows for the shift and ultimately the tangible change. Today’s Monday Motivator is a reminder not to put off things in life under the perception that they will be guaranteed to you in the future. A saying I once heard was the following: “Suffering is agreeing to be unhappy until something that may or may not happen.”

In the health and wellness world, it may be things such as: I will be happy once I lose these extra 10 pounds, I’ll neglect these aspects of life for now to accomplish a certain goal or once I accomplish these feats in the gym it will validate my efforts. These are arbitrary examples and can be applied to any aspect of life. The message to consider and examine within your own life ….

Am I taking for granted the guaranteed present moment in attempt to control the uncertainty of my future?

Am I trying to control that which cannot be controlled? 


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