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Written by Blake KoehnMarch 20, 2020
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   With almost four months of 2017 already gone, how have your resolutions and lifestyle changes held up? If you’re like most, life has probably intervened more than once and may have knocked you off course. Whether it is lack of time, busy work schedule, other obligations, or burnout, many factors can kill your enthusiasm and make once enjoyable things seem impossible to complete. This happens in all areas of life and is a normal part of the journey.

   To avoid the feeling of burnout or monotony, try stepping back and switching things up before throwing in the towel. You can even change the way you switch things up from time to time. For myself, when I’ve really pushed hard in the gym and/or nutrition I almost always see other areas of life stall or regress a bit. Obviously this isn’t ideal, but by being aware of this I can plan accordingly. Most recently, rather than taking time completely away from working out, I’ve trained every other day for a week or two. The increases in energy, sleep quality, enjoyment, enthusiasm, and even physical progress is drastic! The same goes with work life and other obligations. You can’t expect to always been at 100% if you don’t take the necessary time to recharge your battery.

   As I’ve said before, keep the big picture in mind. Think addition rather than substitution when it comes to lifestyle changes. Each thing you do should add benefit to your day/week/month/year and ultimately life. So if you’re at that point where you need to reset (or been long past it), do it now. Recharge so you can keep moving forward!


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