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Written by Blake KoehnJanuary 23, 2020
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   How are your New Years resolutions going?  Are you among the roughly 42% of people who have already quit working toward their resolution. Losing weight/eating healthier was the top New Years resolution of 2017 (21.4% of people). So knowing that health and fitness is among the top New Years resolution and almost half quit after one month, how do you find yourself in the favorable half?

   As with most changes, we get the impulse to dive in full force. Make drastic choices to get drastic results, right? That may not be the best approach. Adjusting your sleep, diet, exercise, habits, lifestyle all together. This can be overwhelming after the initial excitement phase and may lead to a quick burnout. The perfect approach on paper may not be the best approach in practice. So if you find yourself on the verge of falling off the wagon or wishing to get back on, stop and start small. Make one change, then two and so on over time. Start with your priority, and work for the additional changes over time. Don’t get the illusion that your starting point and end point should be the same. Lasting changes take time and consistent effort. If you want it to last you have to find the balance between what is realistic and what you are capable at the current time. So if you need, take this time to refocus and reset your goals and remember……

“The good program that you stick to is always better than the perfect program you quit.”


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