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Written by Blake KoehnMay 7, 2020
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   Nick Curson is a sports performance specialist and founder of Speed of Sport in Torrance, California. A protégé of Marv and Gary Marinovich, he's implemented the plyometric-based style of training into the world of boxing and mixed martial arts. The emphasis on fast twitch muscle fiber adaptation includes reaction based drills, plyometrics, dynamic coordination and foot strengthening work. Nick has worked with many professional, including world champions, as well as youth and collegiate level athletes. 


   I had the opportunity to learn from Nick on two separate occasions at Speed of Sport. Each occasion included hands on learning, teaching and assessing fellow athletes and trainers. I went through many of the Speed of Sport exercises that are uniquely implemented. As a former collegiate football player, some of the drills were familiar. However, it was Nick's attention to detail and level of not only understanding but implementing nuances into each movement that took his style of training to a whole new level. 

   I highly recommend Nick's work and Nick as a trainer and quality mentor/coach. For those interested in his background, athletes he's trained and potential learning and/or training opportunities see the links below:

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