Temporary tools: pain free to convenience

Written by Blake KoehnFebruary 2, 2021
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In this brief article I am going to highlight some "movement hacks" for those who are currently in pain. I will also recommend a portable, posture friendly work station I recently came across that may be helpful for those who travel.

Tough to reach

If you currently have shoulder and/or back pain, it probably didn't take you long to realize you are constantly reaching for something. Flexing through the spine to reach the ground. Extending the lower back and shoulder to reach high items. Both of these can cause pain. To wind down the pain you will likely need to temporarily eliminate movements, some which are frequently repeated every day. Best of both worlds: remove pain trigger, don't negatively impact life. (Reacher)


Low back friendly seating

For low back pain sufferers, sitting is one of the most commonly reported triggers. You might have a posture friendly chair at your work station, but you can't always rely on a quality chair. Whether it's in the car, out of the office or while traveling, a lumbar support can keep you in a posture friendly position extending your pain free capacity to sit. (Lumbair)


Sock & Shoes

Every morning you put on your socks and shoes. This is not an uncommon painful part of the day for anyone with lower back pain. You may already find yourself a bit more sensitive in the morning hours after a night's sleep. Needing to put socks and shoes every day of the week can be a frustrated failed acrobatic experience. The device below allows both to be done while in an upright posture, causing little to no extra pain. (Sock aid)


Portable standing desk

Standing desks are common in the workplace. It's not so common to have your ideal work station replicated across all areas of potential work. A recent product I found that lives up to the hype is a portable standing desk, capable of 5 different heights. Easy to travel with, assemble and make your temporary work space posture friendly. (Laptop stand)


* The above "tools" are meant to offer temporary work arounds to be used in conjunction with a health and fitness program. By eliminating painful daily events, you save your capacity for rehab and/or fitness training.

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