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Written by Blake KoehnOctober 1, 2021
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Dr. Andrew Huberman:
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"Our feelings, thoughts and memories are all very complicated but behaviors are very concrete."


Dr. Jordan Peterson:
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"You should be humble enough to understand that if you can't order your own life, you shouldn't be trying to order anything more complicated than that."


Bishop Robert Barron:
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"More often than not, those very qualities so coveted became the source of destruction because they received them without wisdom."


   Most will expand their initial physical health interests to a deeper understanding of the mental and emotional (often referred to as psychological) components of health. Whenever someone chooses to explore a new area, there is typically a learning curve. It isn't uncommon to adjust your views as your understanding increases.
   The above resources are my personal top 3 quality resources for the most fundamental aspects to many people's lives. Each provide a solid foundation and allow personalized progression. They were chosen not only for the quality of content, but also the digestibility of the material across various platforms. Short/moderate length content on a consistent basis makes otherwise difficult to understand topics much more practical. They compliment each other with a unique blend of physiology, psychology and religion and likely serve their best role on an individual basis.
   Individual values and goal will vary, but similarities of how to best pursue them in a sustainable manner are closely related. Anyone who has explored these areas in detail will easily identify the overlap, although the method of delivery varies. The best approach originates from a genuine interest and a disciplined commitment to learning. Investing in quality resources compound in their effectiveness as you continue your goal directed efforts. A moving baseline of support, anticipating setbacks and reassuring future progress, quality sources of information are as valuable as one is motivated to apply them.



   Ignorance creates arrogance. Arrogance creates problems you’re not aware your incapable of solving until it’s too late. The Dunning - Kreuger effect shows the relationship of confidence and competence over time. It is not uncommon for strong opinions to be formed early in the timeline, when confidence is highest. When novelty becomes genuine interest, it is also not uncommon to soon realize what you thought you knew, you don't. If you maintain a necessary level of interest, you may be surprised that this period is a bit more humbling than you'd previously appreciated. It is at that point, when you've invested adequate time and find yourself knowing less than desired, that quality resources become vital to your future success.



   Without reliable resources, you will be incapable of moving forward when you inevitably encounter struggle. Vulnerability puts you in a heightened scenario to compound your mistakes. Without investing in quality resources, you will find yourself wasting time or causing collateral damage. The latter is much more likely, and may seem more detrimental, but waisting your time is not a neutral endeavor if you are pursing anything of value. The psychological toll of identifying, yet not being capable of pursing a goal will decrease your willingness to keep going over time.


   All physical, mental and emotional resources are tools to navigate through life's adversities and increase your ability to pursue a meaningful life. By identifying goals you value, you set a plan in motion that will in part depend on the quality of information you base your personal decisions on. If you are unprepared, through lack of experience, knowledge or otherwise, adversities can become prolonged, insurmountable obstacles. The collateral damage created as a result will likely expand beyond the initial area compromised. Without them, the likelihood of moving forward when your beliefs, physical abilities or psychological health is challenged decreases.


   If you are looking to add to your physical health practice, I recommend starting with the following 3 options within the resources mentioned. If they do not align with your interests, or you have found better options for yourself, simply don't use them. Before you invest your time into any resource, you should ask yourself a few questions to decide if it's worth doing so. If you don't have some questions in mind, try my 5 Point Checklist.

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